All Bitwig Shortcuts (v5.1.2)

Here you can see all Bitwig Shortcuts, all on one page. Not necessarily to learn the Key-Commands, as those are freely assignable anyway, but to have a nice overview for…

My “Sternenherz” Music

My “Philkatronic” and “Nowiamone” Music

Features which would make Bitwig even better

0. NEEDS FIXING ASAP: Fade Options for Recording, Cliplauncher Bugs! 1. Option to have a default tool you can trust to be there, and adding more smart tools 2. Undo/Redo,…

Tutorial: How to use Sternenherz UI for Bitwig

a) Installation of Touch OSC on the same Computer as Bitwig 1. Install the latest drivenbymoss extension for Bitwig. Download and instructions: Click here. 2. Install the latest Touch OSC…


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