Here you can see all Bitwig Shortcuts, all on one page. Not necessarily to learn the Key-Commands, as those are freely assignable anyway, but to have a nice overview for all functions which are assignable.

CategoryBitwig-FunctionAssignment (Windows)
Import Impulses…
Import Wavetables.
New From Template.Ctrl+Shift+N
New ProjectCtrl+N 
Save as Template…
Save as…Ctrl+Shift+S 
Save to Library…
Adjust Value Down (fine)Down, Shift+Down
Adjust Value Step DownDown, Shift+Down
Adjust Value Step UpUp , Shift+Up
Adjust Value Up (fine)Up , Shift+Up
Bounce In PlaceCtrl+B
Check for Updates..
Clear All Expressions
Clear Expressions
Click button
Collect and Save…
Color Notes by Channel
Color Notes by Clip
Color Notes by Pitch Class
Color Notes by Velocity
Convert to Audio Track
Convert to Hybrid Track
Convert to Instrument Track
Convert to Time Selection
Create New Control Surface Project
Cut TimeCtrl+Shift+X
Disable All Unused Sends
Double Content
DSP Performance GraphCtrl+Shift+D
Duplicate Time
Edit File Metadata..
Eraser tool4
Focus/toggle Browser PanelAlt+B
Fold to Takes.
Gain +1dBShift+Alt+Up
Gain +6dBAlt+Up
Gain 1dBShift+Alt+Down 
Gain -6dBAlt+Down
Insert from Library..B, Insert
Insert SilenceCtrl+Shift+P
Install Pack from File
Knife tool5
Larger Beat Grid.
Load Default Preset
Loop Selected RegionCtrl+L
Make Events One Bar LongerShift+Up, Ctrl+Shift+Right 
Make Events One Bar ShorterShift+Down,  Ctrl+Shift+Left 
Make Events One Step LongerUp , Ctrl+Right
Make Events One Step ShorterDown, Ctrl+Left
Make LegatoCtrl+Shift+Alt+L
Next Beat Grid SubdivisionAlt+.
Next history entryDown
Nudge Events One Bar BackwardShift+Left, Alt+L
Nudge Events One Bar ForwardShift+Right, Alt+I
Nudge Events One Step BackwardLeft, Alt+Left , Shift+Alt+Left 
Nudge Events One Step ForwardRight, Alt+Right , Shift+Alt+right
Paste TimeCtrl+Shift+V 
Pen tool3
Pointer tool1
Previous Beat Grid SubdivisionAlt+,
Previous history entryUp
Quantize Audio
Quantize Audio..
Quantize LengthCtrl+Alt+L 
Remove TimeShift+Backspace, Shift+Delete
Reset FadesCtrl+Alt+F
Reverse Pattern
Save as Default Preset
Scale 200%
Scale 50%
Scale Each 200%
Scale Each 50%
Select Next Auto Complete ItemDown
Select Next TrackPage Down
Select Previous Auto Complete ItemUp 
Select Previous TrackPage Up 
Set Clip Start
Show Control Script Console
Show Dashboard
Show in Explorer
Slice At Repeats
Slice In Place..
Slice to Drum Machine.Ctrl+Alt+D
Slice to Multisample..
Slide Content LeftAlt+Left
Slide Content RightAlt+Right
Slide Waveform to Next Onset
Slide Waveform to Previous Onset
Smaller Beat Grid.
Swap Main and ALT Default Clip Launcher Settings
Time Selection tool2
Toggle Adaptive Beat Grid/
Toggle Computer Keyboard Note Input
Toggle Expanded Device View of Selected Device
Toggle Lock on Selected Layers
Toggle Micro-pitch EditingShift+Alt+M
Toggle Snaps
Toggle Snap to EventsShift+ /
Toggle Snap to GridShift+ ,
Toggle Snap to Grid OffsetShift+ .
Toggle Undocked Expanded Device View of Track’s P..
Toggle Visibility on Selected Layers
Transpose Semitone DownAlt+-
Transpose Semitone UpAlt++
Transpose an Octave DownShift+Alt+-
Transpose an Octave UpShift+Alt++
Unlock All Layers
Alternate CopyCtrl+Shift+C
Alternate CutCtrl+Shift+X
Alternate DeleteCtrl+Backspace, Ctrl+Delete
Alternate DuplicateCtrl+Shift+D
Alternate PasteCtrl+Shift+V
CopyCtrl+C, Ctrl+Insert
CutCtrl+X, Shift+Delete
DeleteBackspace, Delete
PasteCtrl+V, Shift+Insert 
RedoCtrl+Y, Ctrl+Shift+Z
Toggle ActiveAlt+A
Toggle On Off
Turn Off
Turn On
Activate itemEnter 
Collapse ItemLeft 
Enter Group
Exit Group
Expand ItemRight
Focus next fieldTab, Right
Focus next panelCtrl+Shift+Up
Focus panel aboveCtrl+Shift+Down
Focus panel belowCtrl+Shift+Left 
Focus panel to the leftCtrl+Shift+Right 
Focus panel to the rightLeft, Shift+Tab
Focus previous field
Focus previous panel
Focus widget aboveUp
Focus widget belowDown
Focus widget to the leftLeft
Focus widget to the rightRight
Select Next ProjectCtrl+Tab
Select Next Project and Activate Audio Engine
Select Next TabCtrl+Down, Ctrl+Right
Select Previous ProjectCtrl+Shift+Tab
Select Previous Project and Activate Audio Engine
Select Previous TabCtrl+Up, Ctrl+Left
>>> has submenuSelect Project
>>> has submenuSelect Project and Activate Audio Engine
Toggle children expanded stateCtrl+Enter
Toggle expanded state
Toggle siblings expanded stateShift+Enter
Deselect AllEscape
Extend selection range to first itemShift+Home
Extend Selection Range to First Lane
Extend selection range to item aboveShift+Up
Extend selection range to item belowShift+Down
Extend selection range to item to leftShift+Left
Extend selection range to item to rightShift+Right
Extend selection range to last itemShift+End
Extend Selection Range to Last Lane
Extend selection range to next itemShift+Down,Shift+Right, Shift+Alt+Right 
Extend Selection Range to Next LaneShift+Down, Shift+Right
Extend Selection Range to Previous ItemShift+Up, Shift+Left, Shift+Alt+Left 
Extend Selection Range to Previous LaneShift+Up, Shift+Left
Extend selection to first itemCtrl+Shift+Home
Extend Selection to First LaneShift+Up, Shift+Left
Extend selection to item aboveCtrl+Shift+Up
Extend selection to item belowCtrl+Shift+Down
Extend selection to item to leftCtrl+Shift+Left
Extend selection to item to rightCtrl+Shift+Right
Extend selection to last itemCtrl+Shift+End
Extend Selection to Last Lane
Extend Selection to Next Item
Extend Selection to Next Lane
Extend Selection to Previous Item
Extend Selection to Previous Lane
Move Cursor to First Lane
Move Cursor to Last Lane
Move Cursor to Next LaneCtrl+Down ,Ctrl+Right
Move Cursor to Previous LaneCtrl+Up , Ctrl+Left 
Move selection cursor downCtrl+Down 
Move selection cursor leftCtrl+Left
Move selection cursor rightCtrl+Right
Move selection cursor to first itemCtrl+Home
Move selection cursor to last itemCtrl+End
Move selection cursor to next itemCtrl+Down , Ctrl+Right
Move selection cursor to previous itemCtrl+Up, Ctrl+Left
Move selection cursor upCtrl+Up 
Select AllCtrl+A
Select first itemHome 
Select item aboveUp
Select item at cursor
Select item belowDown
Select Item in First Lane
Select Item in last Lane
Select Item in Next LaneDown, Right
Select Item in Previous LaneUp, Left 
Select item to leftLeft 
Select item to rightRight 
Select last itemEnd
Select Next ItemDown, Right, Alt+Right
Select Previous ItemUp, Left, Alt+Left 
HelpToggle selection of item at cursorCtrl+Space
Show Item HelpF1
Show Online Learning…
User Guide (English)..
User Guide (German)…
Window ManagementUser Guide (Japanese)..
Decrease GUI Scaling
Full screenF11
Increase GUI Scaling
Maximize windowCtrl+M
Minimize windowCtrl+Shift+M
DialogsRestore window
Cancel DialogEscape
Text EditingCommit TextEnter
Delete character to left of cursorBackspace
Delete character to right of cursorDelete
Insert new lineNumpad Enter , Enter 
Move cursor and extend selection downShift+Down 
Move cursor and extend selection leftShift+Left 
Move cursor and extend selection rightShift+Right 
Move cursor and extend selection to end of documentCtrl+Shift+End , Win+Shift+Down
Move cursor and extend selection to end of lineCtrl+Shift+E , Shift+End , Win+Shift+Right 
Move cursor and extend selection to start of document Ctrl+Shift+Home , Win+Shift+Up 
Move cursor and extend selection to start of lineCtrl+Shift+A , Shift+Home, Win+Shift+Left
Move cursor and extend selection upShift+Up 
Move cursor and extend selection word leftCtrl+Shift+Left , Shift+Alt+Left 
Move cursor and extend selection word rightCtrl+Shift+Right , Shift+Alt+Right 
Move cursor downDown
Move cursor leftLeft 
Move cursor rightRight 
Move cursor to end of documentCtrl+End, Win+Down 
Move Cursor to End of LineCtrl+E , End, Win+Right 
Move cursor to start of documentCtrl+Home , Win+Up
Move Cursor to Start of LineCtrl+A , Home , Win+Left 
Move cursor upUp 
Move cursor word leftCtrl+Left , Alt+Left
Move cursor word rightCtrl+Right m Alt+Right 
SearchStop Editing TextEscape +
ZoomingInvoke search-field actionTab 
Zoom InCtrl++ x Ctrl+=, x Numpad+ , Zoom In 
Zoom OutCtrl+-X Numpad- , Zoom Out
Zoom FitCtrl+0
Zoom to Fit Selection
Zoom to Fit Selection Or AllZ
ProjectZoom to Fit Selection or Previous
Activate Engine for ProjectF12 
Add Audio TrackCtrl+Shift+T
Add FX TrackCtrl+Alt+T
Add Group TrackCtrl+Alt+G
Add Instrument TrackCtrl+T
Add SceneCtrl+I
Automation Follows Clip Editing
Continue Play TransportShift+Play
Continue Playback or StopShift+P , Shift+Space
Delete All Automation Owned by Selection
Delete All Project AutomationCtrl+Shift+B
Export Audio..
Export DAWproject..
Export MIDI..
Fold/unfold All Group Tracks
Fold/unfold Top Level Group Tracks
Follow Playhead
Global Arm Off
Global Mute Off
Global Solo Off
Play from Start. or Stop TransportAlt+P ,Alt+Space
Play or Pause Transport
Play or Stop TransportP , Space
Play TransportPlay
Play Transport from StartAlt+Play
Reset Vu Meters
Restore Automation Control
>>> has submenuSelect Track
Stop Playback of All Tracks
Stop Playback of Selected TracksStop
Stop Transport
Switch Playback to Arranger for All Tracks
Switch Playback to Arranger for Selected Tracks
Tap TempoCtrl+Alt+Space
Toggle Arranger Automation Write
Toggle Arranger LOOD
Toggle Arranger Overdub
Toggle Groove
Toggle Metronome
Toggle Punch-In
Toggle Punch-Out
Toggle RecordF9
Toggle Track Arm
Toggle Track Mute
Clip Launcher
Toggle Track Solo
Add Scene from Playing ClipsCtrl+Shift+1
Launch Next Scene
Launch Next Slot (relative to playing clip)
Launch Previous Scene
Launch Previous Slot (relative to playing clip)
>>> has submenuLaunch Scene
Launch Scene At Cursor
>>> has submenuLaunch Slot
Remove/restore Stop Button
Scroll to Next Scene
Scroll to Previous Scene
Target Selected Scene
Toggle Clip Launcher Automation Write
Panel Management
Toggle Clip Launcher Overdub
Focus Track Header AreaT, Alt+T
Focus/toggle Arranger Timeline Panelo, Alt+O
Focus/toggle Automation Editor PanelA,Alt+A 
Focus/toggle Clip Launcher PanelL, Alt+L
Focus/toggle Detail Editor PanelE, Alt+E
Focus/toggle Device PanelD, Alt+D 
Focus/toggle Inspector PanelI, Alt+I
Focus/toggle Mixer PanelM, Alt+M
Focus/toggle On-screen Keyboard Panel
Focus/toggle Output Monitoring Panel
Focus/toggle Project Panel
Select Next ModeTab
Select Next Sub-panel
Select Previous Mode
Select Previous Sub-panelShift+`
Select Sub panel 1F5
Select Sub-panel 2F6
Select Sub-panel 3F7
Select Sub-panel 4F8
Show Crossfades
Show Cue MarkersShift+Alt+C 
Show FX Tracks
Show Realtime Ruler
Show Sends
Show Track I/O
Show/hide Time Signature Markers
Switch to Mode 1
Switch to Mode 2
Switch to Mode 3
Switch to Mode 4
Toggle Arranger Timeline Panel
Toggle Automation Editor PanelF2
Toggle Browser Panel
Toggle Clip Launcher
Toggle Detail Editor PanelF1
Toggle Device PanelF3
Toggle File Browser Panel
Toggle Inspector Panel
Toggle Mappings Browser Panel
Toggle Maximized Editing ModeShift+Tab
Toggle Mixer PanelF4 
Toggle Output Monitoring Panel
Toggle Project Panel
Toggle Track-timeline vs Clip-content EditingAlt+C 
Toggle Visibility of Deactivated Channels
Horizontally Zoom Arranger to Fit Selection or Previo… U
Insert Cue Marker Here
Jump Backward 8 Bars
Jump Forward 8 Bars
Jump to Beginning of Arrangement
Jump to Beginning of Arranger Loop
Jump to Beginning of Arranger Window
Jump to Beginning of Current Bar
Jump to Beginning of Next Bar
Jump to Beginning of Previous Bar
Jump to End of Arrangement
Jump to End of Arranger Loop
Jump to Next Cue Marker
Jump to Playback Start Time
Jump to Previous Cue Marker
>>> has submenuLaunch Arranger Cue Marker
Launch from Beginning of Arrangement
Launch from Beginning of Arranger Loop
Launch from End of Arrangement
Launch from End of Arranger Loop
Launch from Playback Start Time
Launch Next Cue Marker
Launch Previous Cue Marker
Toggle Automation Shown For All Tracks
Toggle Automation Shown For Selected Tracks
Toggle Existing Automation Shown For All TracksG
Toggle Existing Automation Shown For Selected Tracks Shift+G
Toggle Large Track Height
Zoom Arranger to Fit
Zoom Arranger to Fit Selection or Allx
Zoom Arranger to Selection
Zoom In Arranger
Zoom In Arranger Lane Heights (All Tracks)H
Zoom In Arranger Lane Heights (Selected Tracks)
Zoom Out Arranger
Zoom Out Arranger Lane Heights (All Tracks)Shift+H
Zoom Out Arranger Lane Heights (Selected Tracks)
Mixer Zoom In (All Tracks)
Mixer Zoom In (Selected Tracks)
Mixer Zoom Out (All Tracks)
Mixer Zoom Out (Selected Tracks)
Toggle Big Meters
Toggle Large Clip Height
Detail Editor
Horizontally Zoom Detail Editor to Fit Selection or Pr.
Zoom Detail Editor to Fit
Zoom Detail Editor to Fit Selection or All
Zoom Detail Editor to Selection
Zoom In Detail Editor
Zoom In Detail Editor Lane Heights
Zoom Out Detail Editor
Zoom Out Detail Editor Lane Heights
Distribute Key Equally
Distribute Select Equally
Distribute Velocity Equally
Nudge DownDown
Nudge Down (coarse)Shift+Down
Nudge LeftLeft 
Nudge Left (coarse)Shift+Left
Nudge RightRight 
Nudge Right (coarse)Shift+Right
Nudge UpUp 
Nudge Up (coarse)Shift+Up
Add Music Location..
Add Plug-in Location..
Add Sound Content Location…
Clear Focused Filterx
Create Collection.
Edit Smart Collection
Focus Browser File ListDown
Focus Browser Overview List
Focus Browser Search Field
Focus Category Columnc
Focus Category Or Creator Column
Focus Creator Column
Focus Device Column
Focus File Kind Or Type Column
Focus FiltersCtrl+Up, Ctrl+Down, Left, Ctrl+Left, Page Up
Focus Location Column
Focus Tags Column
Focus Vendor Columnv
Remove from all CollectionsAlt+O , Alt+Numpad 
Save Smart Collection.
Save Snapshot..F1
Select Everything
Select Next Filter ColumnCtrl+Alt+Down,  Ctrl+Alt+Right
Select Next Palette ItemCtrl+Alt+Down, Ctrl+Alt+Right
Select Next Search Source
Select Prev Filter ColumnCtrl+Alt+Up, Ctrl+Alt+Left
Select Prev Palette ItemCtrl+Alt+Up, Ctrl+Alt+Left
Select Previous Search Source
Select Quick Source
Select Quick sub-source
Show Presets for DeviceRight 
Stop Showing Presets For DeviceLeft 
Toggle All Sources viewCtrl+0
Toggle Collection
Toggle FavoriteNumpad
Toggle Preview Playback of Selected FileRight 
Toggle Show FavoritesX
Note Editor
Toggle Automation Area
Toggle Expression AreaJ
Toggle Folded Note LanesF, Alt+F
Toggle Layer List
Select Next TakeUp 
Select Previous TakeDown